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Omnichannel video has emerged as the future of TV advertising, compelling advertisers to seek new solutions to meet their outcomes-driven marketing needs. In a November 2023 survey of +1000 marketing professionals, eMarketer reported that “performance-driven paid media” and “measurement and attribution capabilities” ranked as their top concerns. Mark Wagman, Managing Director of MediaLink echoed this sentiment on a recent episode of AdExchanger Talks explaining that “the number one thing” today’s TV marketers want is a signal to indicate whether their ads are producing outcomes. 

It’s clear that understanding the performance of your CTV activations has become increasingly important, but the increasing importance of omnichannel campaign performance can no longer be ignored. Marketers are under immense pressure in an uncertain and competitive economy to deliver results and prove efficiencies across every ad dollar spent.  

What Is Performance TV? 

As viewing habits continue to shift, advertisers must be able to stitch together various touchpoints. However, gaining a holistic view of insights across channels is difficult to achieve and requires the ability to attribute each channel’s performance to business outcomes.  

Cadent Performance TV provides advertisers with the first solution that bridges the gap between traditional and digital media, connecting digital, CTV, and linear TV to help advertisers make the most of their budgets while gaining deeper insights throughout the entire sales funnel. 

Before we dive further into the value of performance TV and how advertisers are leveraging this solution to achieve their marketing goals, let’s define it. Performance TV is more than measuring results – it encompasses the audience building and activation strategy needed to optimize a campaign.  

Performance TV combines the power of traditional TV reach with digital advertising’s precise targeting and analytics. With real-time campaign optimizations, Performance TV offers a personalized and outcomes-driven approach, ensuring advertisers can maximize the impact of their ads in an omnichannel landscape. By bringing together data on TV viewing and online behavior, advertisers can precisely target audiences across different platforms, improving measurable business outcomes like sales and website visits.  

By understanding what messages resonate with your audience, advertisers will be able to incorporate these insights to shape future campaigns and overall brand strategy.  

How Cadent Performance TV Drives Real Business Outcomes 

To drive real business outcomes, advertisers need solutions that can support the entire sales funnel. Cadent Performance TV is made possible through Aperture Platform. Aperture Viewer Graph and Data Marketplace connect households and anonymous device impressions with our large selection of best-in-class measurement providers. Aperture then leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time optimization. By analyzing data from events like website visits, Aperture facilitates in-flight adjustments based on performance metrics like cost-per-action (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS).  

Additionally, the Aperture Platform Supply-Side Platform (SSP), Aperture MX, provides a streamlined workflow and access to premium, third-party verified CTV and digital inventory. This setup ensures minimal data loss and maintains high data fidelity across digital and linear campaigns.  

Performance TV ultimately provides not only precise targeting and measurement capabilities but also maintains the highest level of data integrity and supply path optimization.  

Yamaha Motorsports Drives Conversions Through the Customer Journey 

Yamaha’s marketing agency tasked Cadent with targeting potential motorcycle buyers and directing them to the “contact a dealership” form on the Yamaha Motorsports website. Cadent utilized Aperture Platform to pinpoint and engage specific audience segments, then leveraged direct publisher connections to optimize ad delivery. Through the Performance TV solution, Cadent efficiently tracked and optimized consumer interactions and conversions in real-time, improving campaign performance throughout its duration and the subsequent attribution period.  

Learn how Yamaha Motorsports increased conversions with Performance TV:  


Medical Device Company Boosts Site Visits and Webinar Sign-Ups 

An emerging medical device company aimed to increase its visibility among a niche audience in Florida, focusing on specific age groups, locations, and medical conditions, to boost website traffic and webinar sign-ups. Cadent used Aperture Platform to develop a targeted strategy by securely integrating the client’s custom audience data and utilizing accurate household and device ID mapping in Florida. The campaign was deployed on premium CTV and OLV inventory using Aperture DSP and then measured across consumer touchpoints including the webinar sign-up page. Real-time performance adjustments were made based on the data leading to a reallocation of the budget towards high-performing channels, optimizing site visitation rates, and reducing the cost-per-conversion (CPC). 

Learn how this medical device company increased site visits with Performance TV: 


Putting Performance TV into Practice  

As advertising becomes more outcomes-driven, don’t get left behind. Solutions like Aperture Platform’s Performance TV enable brands to target precise audiences across the omnichannel video ecosystem, optimize in real-time, and prove what tactics are most effective.  

Ready to implement Performance TV for your next campaign?