How we’re different

Consistent Audience Definition & Deduplication

across devices, platforms, and services

Identity is ever-changing. Now, you can accurately and efficiently define your audiences without all the technological complexities.

Scaled Inventory Integration

across cable, broadcast, and CTV inventory

Think as big as the TV universe. Get as expansive as a national footprint or as selective as the zone or household.

Unified Planning & Tracking

across multiple inventory types and sources

You can monitor campaign performance as it delivers, and produce consistent, measurable results across screens.

Multi-Platform Advertising Execution

across cable, broadcast, CTV, OTT, addressable, STB, and digital video

Fire on all cylinders, across all of TV. Because brand connections are made when you can meet your customers wherever they watch.

Independent, Unbiased Campaign Optimization

based on advertiser goals

Our allegiance is to you, not to any one media source. Execute and measure campaigns free from media bias and beyond the walls of walled gardens.

Unified Reporting & Analytics

to understand the incremental impact of each TV media type

Because what good are results if you can’t make sense of them? Get hard data that directly ties to your KPI-based business goals.

Skeptical about new providers?
Some common questions answered.

  • Can you really help me spend my client’s TV budget as efficiently as possible?

  • That’s pretty much our claim to fame. Our ability to source audiences across any type of TV inventory lets you deliver maximum reach against any strategic target.

  • I’m not convinced TV can really do digital. Why should I spend with you?

  • Digital and TV will never be the same. But we purpose-built our technology to make TV planning and measurement act like digital—i.e., audience-based and KPI-driven.

  • Why should I work with you? As a media seller, isn’t Cadent essentially my competitor? 

  • Big point of clarification: Cadent is a tech provider, not a media provider. We give you the tools to help you deliver on your client goals.

  • All I care about are unbiased results. I’m assuming your measurement product is going to be biased toward media?

  • We don’t own media; we only own the technology that provides access to it. Our tools are optimized to your campaign goals, not to any specific media source.

  • I already have systems in place. Why should I rip out everything I have to install Cadent? 

  • Cadent bridges legacy systems and new systems. Plus, you don’t have to take our full stack; you can just leverage the tools you need.


Our inventory relationships ensure premium placement.

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