Centralized Inventory & Content Management

Operate with a single point of contact for every distribution platform, a single view of audience segments across platforms, and a single consolidated reporting system.

Advanced Campaign Management Tools

Ensure campaigns will meet business goals with the help of a historical database of over 8 billion impressions and 3,000+ addressable video executions.

Demand-Supply Forecasting

Maximize the monetization of data and inventory, ensuring ad loads are in line with affiliate agreements.

TV Data Marketplace

Segment like never before, thanks to direct integrations with leading data partners like Experian, Epsilon, and Catalina.

Tools for


Unify your entire audience to fully understand viewing across devices and distribution channels.

  • Simplify operations using our secure, fully GDPR-compliant platform as your single in-house source for orchestrating cross-platform media campaigns.
  • Onboard audience segments into execution and measurement systems to model lookalikes and find similar households outside your usual footprint.
  • Tap into a built-in third-party data marketplace to quickly create custom audience segments for partners.
  • Deliver deduplicated, cross-platform promotions to your entire subscriber base through integration with DAI systems.
  • Get insight into performance and campaign efficacy with attribution reporting across all screens.


Dynamically define and deliver cross-platform campaigns.

  • Leverage traditional TV ad sales and dynamic digital ad sales methods from one intuitive web interface.
    • Traditional: sales by program, season, episode, dayparts, flighting, and rotators
    • Advanced: addressability, revenue optimization, pacing, frequency caps, exclusions, creative weighting, and real-time campaign performance data
  • Connect your upstream CRM, sales, and proposal management systems with the Campaign Manager via API and ingestion to flow in orders for trafficking and execution.
  • Simplify the sales and order process with a consistent experience across platforms. Reduce the time and effort it takes to create contracts while ensuring continuity and accuracy across campaigns.


Simplify operations and increase revenue from one centralized system.

  • Orchestrate, mediate, and route all of your advanced advertising data flows over QAM, IP, and hybrid TV architectures.
  • Unlock new revenue streams with dynamic ad insertion across multiple platforms, in both live and time-shifted content.
  • Leverage real-time data services—including built-in contextual targeting and subscriber data targeting—to deliver addressable advertising across screens.
  • Extend the reach of linear TV buys to IP-based platforms in CTV and mobile.
  • Control all ad workflow, rules, and policies from a single solution.

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We’ve done a lot of work across our markets to profile what our core audience looks like. We have access to a lot of great data working with companies like Cadent, and we’re able to get to really close levels of depth.”

Kurt Rao, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, TEGNA,
in conversation with Tim Jenkins, EVP and Head of Audience & Identity Solutions at Cadent