One Login, One Screen, One View

Track your results across national cable, local broadcast, household addressable, and CTV—all from a single login. Review campaign impact and performance by channel, daypart, DMA, network, program, and audience segment. And ensure continued success by leveraging the data and insights from one TV channel to another.

Measure Impact

Understand the full impact of your campaigns by tying ad-exposure data directly to business outcomes. Enhance your CRM data with segments from our TV Data Marketplace to visualize your campaign’s effect on driving consumer purchases—or its impact on KPIs like penetration lift, share shift, web and foot traffic, and ROAS.

Fully Transparent

Get Nielsen C3/C7-rated, MSA-posted, minute-by-minute reports. Or, for audience-based campaigns, use third-party data sources to validate strategic reach against target segments.

Tools for
Measurement & Reporting


Get info on campaign performance any time you need it.

Our self-service dashboard gives you fast access to robust reach, addressability, and attribution reports. Monitor performance and audience trends with near-real-time visualizations. Understand the impact of campaigns across every screen and channel. You can also download charts and data for use in third-party applications.

Screenshot of Cadent platform displaying Reach by Week graph.

Reach Reports

Track the performance of your cable and broadcast campaigns, both in-flight and postmortem. Our detailed reach reports break down delivery by cable zone, DMA, network, and daypart to help you understand where you are today—and optimize for greater efficiency tomorrow. These MSA-verified reports also provide insight into brand lift and its impact on campaigns.

Screenshot of Cadent platform displaying Efficiently Maximize Reach graph.

True TV Reach

Measure the true impact of cross-platform media campaigns by accurately deduplicating your audience across cable, broadcast, addressable, and CTV channels. Get a singular view of households—regardless of the screen that displayed the content.

IQ Score

This indexed TV reporting solution evaluates the three key variables that drive campaign success—efficiency, effectiveness, and reach—to create an optimized, cost-efficient media plan that minimizes waste and maximizes reach.


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Detailed attribution and understanding the data and how our media is performing across channels—it continues to be the foundation of everything we do. It’s incredibly important to how we service our brands.”

Cathy Shaffner, Chief Investment Officer, Empower,
in conversation with Cadent CRO and President of Sales, Jim Tricarico