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Today, we launched an advanced TV platform that will make addressable television planning, execution and attribution easier for advertisers.

From experience, I can tell you that Addressable television is not hard to understand. The concept is pretty simple: identify the right households, send messages only those high-value audiences and have the ability to measure each campaigns impact against a brand’s KPI. Yet for all its promise, addressable television still does not get even close to its fair share of an advertiser’s media budget to date.

Over the last 5 years, our team has executed more than 3,000 addressable television campaigns. From that experience, I can also tell you that historically properly executing an addressable television campaign at scale was an extremely complex and very manual pain in the a$$.   

However, the application of technology finally makes addressable television a scalable media channel for advertisers. Data enabled TV is starting to gain more significant traction with advertisers – according to an ANA and Forrester study, a third of advertisers plan to leverage addressable TV this year. As the medium gains ground with advertisers, Cadent is helping meet demand by making addressable easy via our advanced TV platform.

Simply put, addressable without technology is hard. Cadent Advanced TV Platform solves for all of challenges our team has worked through over the last five years. Our historical data, predictive analytics and algorithms help brands optimize campaigns against their desired business outcomes.

Here’s how we can help:

Deliver unified targeting at scale. Cadent Platform lets the user define target audiences that can be uniformly executed across all 70 million addressable TV households. Same data set, same target audience, across all screens – the platform is data agnostic.

An intuitive workflow that simplifies processes. Our simple step-by-step wizard guides users through the process. Campaign specs are entered, including budget, flight dates, targeting selections. Most importantly, campaigns are optimized based a client’s campaign objective. Optimal budget, reach and frequency are recommended by understanding the specific goal for each campaign.

Learn from our mistakes. Our platform brings proprietary algorithms for more informed addressable buying and the ability to forecast audience delivery/reach by each supplier and recommend optimal frequency to drive results.   

Aggregated results with actionable insights.  The platform has consolidated reporting. Campaign pacing, media delivery and advanced analytics are brought together in a single view.  Post campaign, an interactive report is sent to agencies or advertisers – clients are able to access easy-to-understand charts, gain insights against specific KPIs and fully understand performance.

Recommendations for optimization. Because simply knowing a campaign worked is not sufficient for clients who want to constantly improve performance, our platform goes past results and provides recommendations to optimize future addressable campaigns, linear television media effectiveness or targeting audience allocation.  

Read more about our Addressable Platform.