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How Brands Are Creating Unforgettable Digital Video Ad Campaigns

By Alina Gill
08/17/23 3 MIN READ
Key Takeaways
  1. Digital video advertising is a strategic way to expand reach and engagement.
  2. Digital video ads also provide the opportunity for deeper audience segmentation through precise targeting tools.

Key Takeaways

  1. Digital video advertising is a strategic way to expand reach and engagement.
  2. Digital video ads also provide the opportunity for deeper audience segmentation through precise targeting tools.

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Digital video ads have given businesses around the globe an opportunity to grow their customer base online through targeted advertising. Platforms, such as YouTube,  auction off ad slots ranging from six to 20 seconds, with skippable and non-skippable options. These slots are highly sought after because of the platforms’ advanced analytics, which allows advertisers to easily track views, impressions, clicks, and more. With digital video advertising, brands can expand their reach, target their audience more precisely, and keep up with the ever-changing world of media.  

In the past year, many brands have produced successful video ads, capturing the public’s attention. Three of these groundbreaking advertisements include Netflix: “Wednesday Releases Thing into New York,” Burger King: “Whopper, Whopper,” and Dove: “Dove Self-Esteem Project.” Each campaign highlights various aspects of strategic endorsement that are crucial to the overall success of a YouTube ad.  

Netflix: Wednesday Releases Thing into New York 

Late last year, Netflix launched a campaign to promote their new series, Wednesday Adams. The ad follows Thing, Wednesday’s trusty companion, as he journeys through the bustling streets of New York. As pedestrians notice the walking hand, the ad captures their reactions, ranging from fear to surprise to utter confusion. This ad was met with success due to its light-hearted and comical nature.  By choosing to center the story around Thing, a fan-favorite character,  Netflix encourages the audience to watch the entire ad  Ultimately, Netflix hit the nail on the head – or perhaps, the nail into the coffin – by allowing fans to recall a  sense of nostalgia and build a deeper connection with the new series.  

Burger King: Whopper, Whopper 

Burger King’s recent ad features a catchy jingle for their staple menu item, The Whopper. The song allows viewers to have a greater recall of the product, increasing the likelihood of considering Burger King the next time they want a burger. In addition, the lyrics promote the customizable nature of the Whopper further piquing consumer interest. The visual aspects of the ad feature mouth-watering shots of the process of making a Whopper, showcasing the brands’ fresh ingredients and cooking techniques. Finally, the conciseness  of the ad means viewers are quickly pulled in and are less likely to “zone out.” This ad creates a fun and comical spin on a fan-favorite menu item which allows the audience an interactive viewing experience.  

Dove: Dove Self-Esteem Project 

Leaning into purpose-driven marketing, Dove confronts societal beauty standards with a hard-hitting ad that exposes the toxic roots of social media through an open conversation with mother-daughter pairs. This ad is impactful as it speaks to Dove’s core values and allows them to position themselves as an open-minded, and trustworthy brand. By focusing on real-life relationships, this campaign serves as an educational tool for potential mother-daughter conversations while further increasing consumer support for the brand. 

Digital video ads have become an integral aspect of the online experience, both for businesses and viewers. This powerful platform can reach a vast audience and provide crucial feedback to advertisers around the world. There is no better time than now to harness the strength of digital video advertising to make a lasting and compelling impact on your audience.