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We’re Simplifying How Marketers Find Their TV Audiences

At Cadent, we’ve integrated the TV audience data ecosystem directly into our platform to provide access to targeted audiences for addressable TV ad campaigns. Our platform offers full control over building customers’ target audiences, allowing them to easily discover and reach the right segments that drive business outcomes. 

Today, we’re sharing that we released a new platform enhancement that makes it even easier and more intuitive to discover TV audiences across a wide variety of data sources. The new feature, which curates addressable audiences by category, lets customers select one or more industry categories and receive a list of potential first or third-party audience segments to utilize within a campaign.

Customers will now find the category field when creating or editing audiences on the audiences page within the campaign planning wizard. Select one or more categories, and we’ll serve up a curated a list of audiences that may be interesting to a customer based on their specific industry or category. For example, if you select the CPG category, you might see audience segments like light to medium brand buyers or heavy category buyers. This curated list of available audiences segments will display in real-time for whichever categories the customer picks. They can then select one or more available audience segments to apply to their addressable TV campaign.

Available industry categories include: 

  • Automotive
  • B2B 
  • Consumer Electronics
  • CPG
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial 
  • Health
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Services
  • OTC
  • Pharma
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Tune-in

This enhancement makes it easier for customers to find their audiences and build effective, data-driven TV campaigns faster. It’s another step forward in Cadent’s mission to provide customers with industry-leading audience building tools that make planning and buying addressable TV simpler and more effective. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Learn more about Cadent Advanced TV Platform.

What Makes Us Cadent

We recognize that building a culture of teamwork, accountability, and excellence helps us deliver on our mission to restore simplicity for marketers who use the power of sight, sound, and motion to reach their audiences.

The business of TV has remained relatively unchanged for the past 50 years. Today, the industry is rapidly transforming in response to a number of challenges like audience fragmentation and inflationary pricing. In order to empower the future of brand advertising and bring clarity to our clients, we embody a core set of values prioritizing teamwork, collaboration, clarity, honesty, leadership and focus. They impact everything we do, internally and externally.

These are the five core values we put into practice every day.

Together we’re better. With a one-team mindset, when one of us wins, we all win. We win by bringing different perspectives to the table and empowering individuals to bring their own viewpoints and experiences. We thrive on feedback and critical, honest conversation. Together, we celebrate one another’s accomplishments, hold one another accountable in fair and nonjudgmental ways, and help one another grow and learn.

Knowledge is power. The industry is changing, and our team is constantly seeking knowledge and ways to improve. It powers better decisions and unlocks potential. And in a rapidly evolving industry, we encourage curiosity, and ask questions to build upon our base of knowledge and understanding of the TV landscape.

Our knowledge differentiates us. Our curiosity to seek what’s next and meet the demands of the changing industry sets us up to execute, and it fuels the success we bring to clients.

Embrace change. There’s no doubt the TV ecosystem is changing. At Cadent, we see this change as an opportunity for progress. What better time to pitch new ideas and meet the needs of a changing industry than right now?

Change keeps us open-minded, nimble, and responsive to the ever-evolving situations we face as a company, and as individuals. We build our team with people who are excited at the opportunity to make their mark on the industry and move the needle for clients, and we prize strength, resilience, patience, and flexibility.

Lead the way. We blaze the trail for each other. We aim to inspire with our creativity, inventiveness and innovativeness, and we encourage every member of the Cadent team to contribute to the effort. It’s paramount that employees feel safe and supported enough to take risks, float ideas, and start conversations. Simply put, we are active models of excellence: in our products, our services, and our entire organization.

Results over rules. Thomas Edison has been credited with saying, “There are no rules here. We’re trying to accomplish something,” and we feel much the same way. We have a rebellious streak, and that’s a good thing – we find entirely new paths of success for our clients. We don’t hold preconceived notions about the best way to succeed.

At Cadent, we know our success is based upon our clients’ successes. So we aim to overcome any obstacle and never waiver in our quest to excel, on their behalf and our own.

For more on our values, read how the Cadent team gives back to our communities. See our available roles here.

How Cadent Is Driving the TV Marketplace Forward

Consumers have more options than ever to watch video.

Look at the 2018 World Cup, for example. Viewers in the U.S. could’ve watched the Denmark vs. France match on Fox’s national network channel and the Switzerland vs. Costa Rica match in Spanish on NBC Universo. If they wanted, audiences could stream the games through OTT service fuboTV. Out of those who livestream World Cup matches, 65% will do so on their smartphone. Seven out of ten will watch live matches on linear TV, the IAB found.

Conventional advertising models are evolving in response to the changes in video consumption. It’s clear why this is a necessity – more than half of all U.S. consumers’ televisions are now IP-connected and an estimated 51 million OTT households steam content without a traditional cable or satellite service.

For some in the industry, this shift feels chaotic. However, we are excited about the new possibilities that data and technology bring to the television marketplace. Addressable TV, which enables targeting on an extremely granular level, could seem intimidating to those used to buying ad solely based on programming. Some marketers may not understand the full range of possibilities that addressable presents and how to optimally leverage their data to take advantage of today’s TV landscape.

With the right expertise, marketers can navigate the addressable landscape and make the most of its opportunities. And while there has been talk about audience-based television buying, Cadent’s one2one Addressable has been doing it for years. We’ve traded eight billion addressable impressions—a lot by anyone’s standards—so we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We know the most responsive data sets, the optimal levels to plan by category and desired KPI, and we’re ready to share our knowledge.

Simply put, we know TV and addressable, and we’re dedicated to simplifying the ecosystem for our clients. We do this by aggregating all addressable supply, unifying the data and communicating with customers throughout the entire process. We’re screen-agnostic, so we can find the target consumer, wherever and whenever they’re watching content.

Our wealth of historical data combined with our predictive analytics algorithm means that our partners never go into a buy cold. Audience buying is already a great complement to broad demo buying, and our accuracy and efficiency are only going to get better as measurement methods catch up with these new modes of consumption and standards become fixed.

Historically, television was used mainly as a vehicle to drive awareness. With addressable, we’re able to use TV to drive conversion and uncover an incredible amount of data on the back end of the campaign. We can analyze campaigns, identify what worked and what didn’t work, and then use that data to optimize future addressable campaigns or even linear campaigns.

Addressability is still in its infancy, and in many respects, it’s like the early days of digital. As advertisers test, measure, and then leverage data to optimize their campaigns, we can help to guide them. That’s why Cadent – with our expertise and technology from linear to advanced television applications – came together as one. We strive to be the partner that drives the marketplace forward and demonstrates the full potential of this space.

See more information on one2one Addressable and how our unified platform connects brand campaigns with audience data and channel inventory.

Why I Joined the Cadent Team

A few years ago, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told Bloomberg that television will change more in the next five years than in the last 50, and that sentiment holds true today.

As the industry responds to a period of rapid technological change and growing complexity, it’s an exciting time to join the Cadent team. As Chief Product Officer, I have the incredible opportunity to be one voice in a community that will transform the TV landscape, and Cadent is the perfect platform to support this transformation.

During my career, I’ve been part of companies and teams that have changed industries forever from online publishing and monetization with DoubleClick (now Google), automated buying and optimization with MediaMath, and online transparency and analytics tools with DoubleVerify. These experiences shaped my understanding of what it takes to transform sales and operations-focused businesses into product solution-focused organizations. It’s an exciting and rare challenge.

Television is on the cusp of a great transformation, and many TV-centric companies are already taking control of their own evolutions. Industry partners want to complement their business and evolve to answer the industry’s needs – examples include AT&T’s newly announced acquisition of AppNexus or Comcast’s acquisition of FreeWheel a few years back. Ultimately, the partners who will bring change to the TV industry are the ones with deep understanding of cable relationships, inventory sources and the unique infrastructure of television. At Cadent, we know that change must include TV people, the people who built this business.

Only Cadent has the experience and unique understanding of both traditional linear and data-enabled TV spaces, making it the most well-rounded offering in the industry. The evolution of TV promises a more data-driven future, and it’s going to take a combination of technology services and experience to do it right. Cadent’s offering of advanced TV, data-driven linear, indexed and a platform that ties it all together is unique in the industry.

Our vision is to simplify the industry and create a more cohesive and connected ecosystem for all stakeholders. We’re not here to just build technology tools; we’re here because we understand the business. And the industry is only good as the technology, services and experiences that surround it.

Today, we’re looking into applying our linear TV learnings and experience against our work in the addressable TV space. We see all TV as data-enabled as inventories expand, audiences fragment and agencies transform. We want to be the trusted partner who guides and supports all members of the TV ecosystem from buyers to publishers through these changes. And our two decades of experience – linked with our deep understanding of the ecosystem – will enable us to do exactly that.

Change is inevitable, but when driven with the desire to create a more open and data-driven TV ecosystem, this change can have only profound and positive impact for the industry as a whole.

Introducing the Cadent Blog

Today we’re announcing that Cross MediaWorks, Cadent Network, Cadent Technology, and one2one media have come together as a single brand: Cadent.

Our new identity reflects our vision for the industry – to restore simplicity to the TV industry for all stakeholders so marketers can reach their audiences at scale, wherever they consume content. Cadent is now one for TV.

We’re proud to be a partner in the TV landscape. Visually, you’ll notice our logo icon represents the TV screen and our newly unified businesses, as well as all the aspects of TV that we do–network, addressable, and indexed. There are references to television’s rich legacy of innovation, as well as bright, energetic colors that allude to the promise of TV’s data-driven future. Building on Cadent’s rich legacy of innovation, we’ve chosen bright, energetic colors that allude to the promise of TV’s data-driven future.

As a newly unified company, we have a lot to share. Here on our blog, we’ll talk about the evolution of the TV ecosystem, the influence of data and opportunities that come from it, and a variety of topics relevant to the industry. We’ll also use this space to share about our culture, technology, partnerships and more.

For more, read a blog post from our CEO Nick Troiano on the future of TV. 

The Next Chapter of TV Is Just Beginning

As brand advertising has begun shifting to modern, data-driven techniques in the past decade, advertisers continue to rely on television as the most powerful vehicle for emotionally resonant storytelling. Sight, sound, and motion connect with audiences as no other medium can.

Yet new challenges have emerged. Increased ratings pressure, inflationary pricing, and audience fragmentation have given rise to new thinking and evolved methods of targeting and measurement. In this climate of uncertainty, the industry grapples with how to balance investments between the old and the new.

Our vision is to restore simplicity to a TV world made complex by walled gardens and an influx of data. We understand that advertisers need to connect with their audiences wherever they are and continuously test, iterate, and learn from their campaigns.

We believe that TV advertising must evolve. Advertisers can’t rip-and-replace current media strategies, yet the industry must answer challenges like ratings erosion and cord cutting. We believe that a steady evolution is the best way to help advertisers show value while preserving and respecting the TV economy.

We’re ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our people, process, and technology make Cadent uniquely prepared to guide advertisers through the evolution of television. The complexities required to deliver effective TV advertising have increased exponentially over the past decade. While frustrating at times, this complex ecosystem comes with tremendous opportunity and Cadent has brought one2one Media into the portfolio and spent the past year integrating their expertise, proprietary data and overall experience into a single tech platform. Our platform was designed to simplify the process and deliver immense value to marketers across the medium of television.

Cadent brings together all of TV — linear, advanced, and fully addressable inventory — into a single solution that streamlines buying and selling. Advertisers can simply plan, activate, and optimize, while media owners can simply sell, deliver, and monetize.

Moving forward together is the best way to embrace TV’s evolution, and we’re proudly supporting television by powering its transformation. For buyers and planners, advertisers and their agencies, media owners and their sellers — Cadent is unified and simplified. We’re one for television.