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Do You Know Where Your Ads Are? Revisiting the Benefits of Linear TV Advertising

Digital advertising spend in the U.S. is now approaching $250 billion and is projected to reach $278 billion by the end of 2023, according to eMarketer. It’s hard to ignore the appeal of reaching a mass market at an affordable rate with the opportunity for personalization. Yet while tools that scrape for keywords and graphic material continue to improve, concerns around brand safety persist as advertisers must contend with the possibility that their digital ads will be placed on inappropriate sites or next to content that is misaligned with their positioning.  

As the advertising landscape becomes more fragmented, TV can offer brands the chance to reach consumers in a safe, familiar environment. Whether you want to connect with morning news viewers, avid sports fans, or home improvement enthusiasts, TV is a doorway into consumers’ homes through premium channels and programming.   

Cadent’s advanced TV solutions help brands find their audience whenever and wherever they watch TV. Our access to inventory across 120 million households, 210 DMAs, over 200 MVPDs, 1,100 broadcast stations, and more than 100 OTT networks allows buyers to reach a national footprint. Cadent Aperture Platform provides advertisers with unparalleled audience insights, and the ability to leverage 70,000 audience segments from over 40 data partners, spanning across verticals. Cadent also integrates with leading third-party verification and viewability providers to help you effectively combat issues like brand suitability and fraud.   

Advertisers should feel confident spending their media dollars. Working with Cadent, we ensure your brand’s message is in the right environment, across the entire TV landscape. Cadent’s brand-safe, data-driven linear TV in combination with our OTT/CTV offering allows advertisers to have both effective reach and peace of mind.  

To learn more about Cadent, get in touch. 

3 Things We Learned at Adweek Convergent TV Summit

This year’s Adweek Convergent TV Summit East brought together some of the industry’s leading experts in media, brand marketing, data, and adtech to discuss the evolving TV marketplace. Each session provided a critical lens on how advertisers and publishers are approaching the convergence of linear and Connected TV (CTV), from fluidity to audience data to content. Many of the sessions aligned closely with Cadent’s point of view with respect to the needs of the buy and supply side in the shifting landscape. In case you missed it, we collected three key takeaways from the Convergent TV Summit, shared below:  

1. Cross-Screen TV is the New Normal 

The complexity of the TV ecosystem is growing as audiences continue to fragment across screens, devices, and platforms. At the same time, advertisers are faced with the challenge of reaching these increasingly fragmented audiences. So, what does this mean for TV advertising?  

“The future is a cross-screen world. No advertiser buys just one platform,” said Nick Troiano, CEO of Cadent. 

This “new normal” was emphasized by Jon Steinlauf, Chief U.S. Advertising Sales Officer for the recently merged Warner Bros. Discovery. “There are 42 million homes in America that don’t subscribe to cable, that’s really the frontier,” he said. “Really what the advertisers are asking for is get those 42 million homes, extend my reach, because those homes may not watch a ton of set-top box television.” 

As a result, fluidity is playing a critical role in the cross-screen transition. Advertisers can no longer rely on a single channel to reach a complete audience, nor can they use linear-only or CTV-only platforms to build a media plan. Campaigns that take a “fluid” approach require deep insight into both linear and CTV media. 

Cadent’s Jes Santoro, SVP, Advanced TV & Video shared, “We have to look at things collectively, not ‘versus’ right now. …almost 40% of the viewing of TV content is not in that packaged, linear TV model.” 

To achieve the right balance between reach and precision, advertisers will need to find platforms that bridge the gap across linear and CTV buying.  

2. Automation and Audience Data Will be Key to Improving Results 

Today’s advertisers are faced with a myriad of choices for every campaign – how much do I spend on QAM-delivered media compared to IP? How much reach over targeted? How much do I invest during the upfront as opposed to scatter? The only way you can efficiently support that many choices is through automation.  

Nick Troiano said he believes, “The TV world has to focus on automation. There’s a lot of separation between platforms, data vendors, and measurement reporters. I think the next 12 to 18 months will be about automation and it will be driven by the need to bring measurement and performance together.”  

As we enter the upfront season, publishers and partners that can deliver better automation and audience solutions are poised to come out on top.  

3. Multiple Measurement Currencies are Here to Stay  

At this year’s Convergent TV Summit, the topic of measurement was front and center. In fact, Diana Boyles, Vice President of Marketing at Angi may have said it best: “Cross-screen measurement is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a necessity.”  

Accordingly, multiple currencies will continue to exist for the foreseeable future – not because the industry has not yet evolved to a single standard, but because marketers do not have a single need.  

“Value is in the eye of the beholder. Value means different things to different marketers,” said Dani Benowitz, President, U.S. of MAGNA.  

To best serve advertisers, platforms will need to enable multiple measurement currencies for TV reporting.   

Interested in learning more about Cadent’s cross-screen TV advertising capabilities?  

How Cadent Addressable and Data-Driven Linear Give TimberTech an Edge Over the Competition

As the benefits of addressable TV advertising become clearer to advertisers, more are using the medium to reach high-value households relevant to them.

Outdoor living products brand TimberTech, for instance, wanted to increase purchase volume by advertising their newest decking product to a highly targeted audience. Working with Cadent, the brand uses addressable TV to precisely target high-value households most likely to be interested in its new product.

TimberTech’s research shows that homeowners don’t just want to keep up with the latest trend when it comes to outdoor living spaces; they want to be ahead of it by a mile. And the brand has to meet those homeowners wherever they look for information, consume media or get inspired for their next project.

The combined power of addressable and linear TV

TimberTech takes a two-fold approach: First, the brand uses data-driven linear TV to build awareness and connect with its wider base efficiently. And then, using addressable TV, TimberTech zeros in on homeowners in a target age and income range, as well as those who have recently moved or are in the market for a remodeling project.

The addressable ads pulse during key strategic sales periods in order to reach homeowners and remodelers when they’re ready to make a purchase. Simultaneously, the linear TV campaign shares always-on messaging via cable to a broader base and builds large-scale awareness of the TimberTech brand. By pulsing its addressable TV campaign with its data-driven linear TV campaign, TimberTech efficiently increases frequency among hand-raisers to drive both brand awareness and purchase intent during key sales periods.

Throughout the campaigns, Cadent tracks the data-driven linear and addressable advertising flights side-by-side, offering a big-picture understanding of TV’s role in the customer journey.

Jeanine Gaffke, CMO of TimberTech’s parent company, said the brand has a digital mindset when it comes to TV – just as digital mediums like display, social and mobile can finely target audiences with relevant messages in order to move the needle, so should TV.

“Addressable TV will now become part of our arsenal, and we’ll keep refining as we go along.” Jeanine said, adding, “We’re very pleased with what we’ve seen thus far, and we’re just as excited about what can happen in the future.”

By working with integrated advertising agency Two by Four and using Cadent Advanced TV Platform, TimberTech is able to seamlessly execute a national addressable campaign. Because TimberTech sees its partners as an extension of its team, Jeanine said that TimberTech chose Cadent as a partner for its alignment with TimberTech’s value system and its expertise in the market.

“With Cadent, we’re able to reach our core audience without any wasted impressions. We can articulate the benefits of our brand and product line in an attention-grabbing way to a highly-qualified audience.” – Jeanine Gaffke, CMO of TimberTech’s parent company

Cadent makes it simple to reach targeted national audiences at scale. Learn more about Cadent Platform and how addressable TV advertising can move the needle for brands.