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Jägermeister Brings the Holiday Spirit with CTV and In-Store Ads

‘Tis the season to be festive and what better than a cocktail to get in the holiday spirit? The alcoholic beverage market is a competitive space, demanding that brands implement a precise media strategy to reach their target audience. According to eMarketer, alcohol retail sales will reach $178.2B with growth driven by an increase in e-commerce sales, and customers willing to splurge on premium beverages to capitalize on at-home consumption, over restaurants and bars. 

To stay top of mind with shoppers, alcoholic beverage brands must leverage media solutions that engage audiences on the path to purchase and at the point of purchase. In recent years, Connected TV (CTV) has emerged as an innovative solution for reaching potential customers across a wide range of demographics and behavioral attributes. Yet many advertisers struggle to make the most of this complex channel. Fortunately, Cadent and Catalina have developed a solution for marketers in the food and beverage category.  

Jägermeister’s Challenge 

As a nearly century-old brand, Jägermeister has found ways to constantly reinvent itself. In the lead up to the gift-giving holiday season, the brand wanted to drive volume and trial among new 21-year-olds. Jägermeister wanted to test the impact of combining CTV with in-store promotions. Ads focused specifically on their 750 ml bottles.  

• Lift sales
• Increase customer acquisition
• Improve campaign efficiency

The Solution 

Partnering with Cadent and Catalina, Jägermeister was able to strategically target the audiences that were most likely to try their product.

The Plan 

Leveraging Catalina’s real-time purchase insights and behavioral shopping data, the campaign identified current and lapsed buyers of the brand’s 750 ml bottles. The custom-built audience was targeted via addressable CTV through Cadent Aperture Platform, using Jägermeister’s equity ad campaign, Meister the Moment™. Audiences were then followed up by being served with an in-store trial offer, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Results 

Through CTV ad impressions, the multi-channel campaign was able to engage audiences from awareness to trial.  

By The Numbers 
• 4M Impressions
• 53% Overall Sales Lift  
• 59% CTV Sales Lift 
• $2.34 Blended ROAS  

This strategic activation drove a $2.34 blended ROAS, an impressive 53% lift in overall sales and 59% sales lift attributed to CTV impressions.

Next Steps 

Want to learn more about how Cadent and Catalina partnered for Jägermeister’s data-driven CTV advertising campaign?

Stuffed Puffs Toasts to 58% Lift in Sales With Strategic CTV

As we approach Halloween, store shelves are being wiped clean of seasonal décor, costumes, candy, and snacks. CPG brands, to keep up with demand, must find new and innovative ways to lean into autumn with festive treats in flavors like pumpkin spice, apple cider, and toasted marshmallow. In fact, the latest research from the National Retail Federation found: 

  • Halloween spending in 2023 is expected to reach a record $12.2 billion, exceeding last year’s record of $10.6 billion  
  • Consumers anticipate spending $108.24 per person 
  • 73% of consumers plan to celebrate Halloween this year, up from 69% last year and 68% in 2019 

So, to stand out from the crowd, CPG brands are not only developing new products but also reconsidering their media mix to reach shoppers – across screens and devices – throughout the customer journey.  

Connected TV (CTV), as one of the fastest-growing channels, has emerged as an innovative way to engage consumers. However, many advertisers have struggled to make the most of this impactful marketing tool. Enter Cadent and Catalina.  

Stuffed Puffs’ Challenge 

Launched in 2012, Stuffed Puffs are the invention of founder Michael Tierney in response to the difficulty of melting chocolate to create the perfect s’more. Since then, the brand has gone on to develop a variety of flavors beyond the classic milk chocolate-filled marshmallow, including Monster Marsh, which features green marshmallows filled with chocolate and covered in sprinkles. For this campaign, Stuffed Puffs and their media agency Junction 37 wanted to get the word out about its product to drive trial and keep their brand top of mind. 

• Increase customer acquisition
• Lift brand awareness and sales
• Improve campaign efficiency

The Solution 

Partnering with Cadent and Catalina, Stuffed Puffs was able to use CTV for lower-funnel activities like driving trial generation and repeat purchases. 

The Plan 

Together, Cadent and Catalina implemented a CTV campaign using Catalina’s Purchase-Based targeting through Cadent Aperture Platform to pinpoint Marshmallow & Smores Buyers who had never purchased the brand before, as well as their current competitive and lapsed buyers. CTV ads were then targeted to this unique audience by mapping this audience to CTV households with Aperture Viewer Graph. Catalina’s Multi-Touch Attribution measurement was used throughout the campaign to make in-flight tweaks to optimize at the audience level.  

The Results 

Through CTV ad impressions, the campaign was able to deliver results higher than benchmarked expectations – due in large part to purchase-based targeting at the household level and the ability to optimize in-flight.  

By The Numbers 
• $0.66 Incremental ROAS  
• 58% Sales Lift 
• 75% Buyers New to Brand  

This strategic activation drove a $0.66 incremental ROAS and an impressive 58% lift in sales. Additionally, 75% of buyers were new to the brand.  

Next Steps 

Want to learn more about how Cadent and Catalina partnered for Stuffed Puffs’ data-driven CTV advertising campaign?  

Fireside Chat Replay: Danone at SXSW

Recently, Andrew Horlick, VP of Channel Partnerships at Cadent led a fireside chat with Linda Bethea, Head of Marketing at Danone, and Eric Flinn, Executive Creative Director at Danone. As part of the Brand Innovators Marketing Leadership Summit in Austin, the conversation centered on the importance of ad creative when it comes to CPG marketing. Linda and Eric shared how their work together requires collaboration, trust, and honesty, and how they are finding ways to engage consumers through innovative and inspired campaigns for Danone’s portfolio of brands. Learn more about their creative process and what other consumer brands should consider when it comes to cross-channel marketing.  

Watch the full discussion below.  

How CPG Brands and CTV Can Create Spellbinding Results This Halloween

Guest Author: Sarah Faustino, Senior Director, CPG Omnichannel Solutions, Catalina

With Valentine’s Day behind us and Easter just weeks away, it’s time to set our eyes and TV media buys on the next candy prize – Halloween.

The Halloween stock-up period starts eight weeks before the actual holiday, with consumers spending up to 17% of their total basket on candy, according to Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform. Inflation took a toll on candy pricing and basket size in 2022. During the stock-up period last year, inflation was over 8% but the average candy basket size only increased by 5%, indicating that shoppers were cutting back. Although basket size may rise again if inflation continues its downward trend, we expect competition amongst brands will be even more fierce as marketers fight for their fair share of wallet.

Based on 2022 purchases, Catalina data shows regional differences with Midwesterners buying a larger proportion of gummies and jellybeans, Southerners gravitating toward non-chocolate choices, while mainstream chocolate was most popular in the Northeast. In contrast, West Coast parents didn’t do as much stocking up in advance and picked up more non-chocolate products in 2022. 

As advertisers begin to work on this year’s Halloween media plans, we anticipate these questions will be top of mind: 

  • How do I get higher-quality CTV Targeting?
  • What can I do to optimize my CTV ad spend? 
  • How can I prove my CTV campaign’s impact/performance? 

Reaching the Right Ghouls and Goblins

Using purchase-based targeting, you can identify your precise consumers and audience segments to capitalize on emerging Halloween trends. For example, recent Catalina research found households with kids, particularly Millennials, are buying slightly less chocolate. Similarly, brands can take advantage of purchase data to engage shoppers based on their preferred flavors – from caramel to mint to strawberry. Chances are, Catalina has an audience for that!  

The real magic happens when Catalina’s powerful shopper data aligns at the household level with Cadent HH IDs to deliver CTV ads to exactly whom you want to reach. With a 99% match rate, you can be confident that ads are delivered to the right household for your precise target. From pumpkin flavor seekers to scratch home bakers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the right product for your seasonal products.      

Conjuring Spooky Activation Efficiency

Wherever the economy stands this Fall, every marketing dollar will count. With responsive marketing techniques, you can intelligently deliver relevant media based on the behavior of your most valuable shoppers. 

For example, Catalina had a client looking for ways to amplify their penetration strategy. They were running upper-funnel advertising and lower-funnel promotions but couldn’t ensure these activities were working together efficiently. Catalina helped to serve a high-value trial incentive only to those who saw the TV ad three times but had not yet purchased it.

Check out how this brand saw a $59,000 cost savings by tracking those who converted on CTV and brought in 74,000 New Buyers. 

Creating a Campaign That’s S’more Efficient

Consumer TV consumption has changed with online video-serviced households now outnumbering those with cable and satellite TV. Yet, according to eMarketer[1], marketers would boost their CTV ad spending if it could deliver higher quality targeting data, create more efficiency in their media planning and buying process, and display more transparent measurement.

With the right partners, these needs have not only been met but proven. Together, Catalina and Cadent worked with Stuffed Puffs and their media agency to keep this chocolate and marshmallow treat top-of-mind and drive trial. 

Leveraging our consumer purchase-based insights, Catalina and Cadent developed a strategic CTV campaign to pinpoint Marshmallow & Smores Buyers who had never purchased the brand before, as well as the brand’s current competitive and lapsed buyers. With media inflight, Catalina’s Multi-Touch Attribution measurement allowed them to make in-flight tweaks to optimize at the audience level. The campaign lifted sales by 58% and delivered an incremental ROAS of $0.66. About 75% of buyers were new to the brand. 

As you look ahead to Halloween 2023, tap into tools that will fine-tune your targeting, activation, and measurement strategies. While we can’t predict the impact of inflation on this Fall’s habits, we’re confident that the right audience strategies for CTV are sure to cast a spell with tangible results – no hocus pocus.  

Interested in learning more? The Catalina and Cadent teams are available to provide recommendations to help you implement successful CTV and cross-screen campaigns.     

[1] eMarketer, September 2022, “Beyond the Cookie: Next-Generation Customer Acquisition & Retention for Marketers and Publishers” conducted by PureSpectrum. 

How Caulipower Increased New Shopper Sales and Improved Efficiency

Competition in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) space isn’t new. In fact, it’s only increased as a result of new brands – particularly those focused on healthy living and specialized diets, recent supply chain issues leaving store shelves empty, and rising production costs tied to inflation. Yet despite the challenges faced by CPG brands, there are several trends that are cause for celebration.  

As the CPG industry continues to grow to meet changing consumer preferences, brands will need to find ways to stand out from the pack and develop strategic marketing tactics to reach their target customers. Connected TV (CTV) has emerged as one of the innovative channels CPG marketers can leverage to engage shoppers on the path to purchase.   

Caulipower’s Challenge 

Caulipower was launched in 2016 as a mother’s response to needing quick, nutritious, and gluten-free options for her gluten-intolerant children – that weren’t filled with fat, sugar, salt, and excess calories. Since then, Caulipower has revolutionized the frozen pizza category with its innovative, healthier options.  

With health foods trending and competition heating up, the brand was looking for ways to effectively recruit new users and gain back share in the crowded market, needing a cost-effective way to drive awareness, educate consumers, and incent trial among its most valuable shoppers. 

• Drive sales among new shoppers
• Boost customer loyalty 
• Improve campaign efficiency  
• Reduce dollars spent on promotional incentives

To drive sales and boost awareness, Caulipower would need to build an efficient, highly targeted campaign.  

The Solution 

By working with Cadent and Catalina, Caulipower was able to leverage purchase-based targeting and sequential marketing to execute a successful CTV campaign.  

The Plan 

Cadent and Catalina designed a sophisticated CTV campaign to deliver household-level targeted ads based on consumers’ past purchases. Using real-time insights, Catalina identified Caulipower’s most relevant shoppers – including lapsed and competitive buyers. Then, through Catalina’s ID graph and Cadent Aperture Viewer Graph, high-value offers were served only to those who had seen the ad 3 times but did not yet make a purchase. The campaign delivered sequential product messaging and managed promotional costs by only issuing incentives to shoppers that needed a little extra push to try.  

The Results 

Through sequential CTV messaging and strategic promotional incentivization, the campaign generated a considerable return on ad spend (ROAS) and new shopper acquisition, in addition to providing Caulipower with impactful audience insights.  

By The Numbers $2.80 Total ROAS74K New Buyers Introduced as First-Time Purchasers9% of New Buyers Made a Repeat Purchase in First Month $59,000 in Savings Through Promotion Redemption 

Ultimately, this activation drove $2.80 total ROAS, 74,000 new customers, 9% of which made additional Caulipower purchases within the first month, and a staggering $59,000 in promotional savings.    

Recently, the CMO Club hosted a virtual roundtable featuring Paul Alfieri, CMO of Cadent, Stuart Smith, CMO of Caulipower, and Kevin Hunter, EVP and Head of Innovation at Catalina, where they discussed the value of advanced TV for CPG brand marketers.

Next Steps 

Want to learn more about how Cadent and Catalina partnered for Caulipower’s data-driven CTV advertising campaign?  

How an Award-Winning Data-Driven TV Strategy Drove Sales Success for Applegate

In recent years, the CPG industry has been met with a variety of challenges. From lingering supply chain issues to rising costs associated with inflation to competition among emerging brands, to changing consumer preferences.  

Recent research from McKinsey & Company indicated that several key trends are top of mind for consumers: 

  • 45% of consumers plan to find more ways to save money when shopping  
  • 29% of consumers will actively research the best promotions more frequently 
  • 40% of consumers plan to increase their focus on healthy eating and nutrition 

As a result of these industry-wide changes, CPG companies are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd and rethinking their marketing strategy to reach shoppers at critical points on the path to purchase. Among the innovative ways to reach shoppers, Connected TV (CTV) has emerged as an invaluable tool.  

Applegate’s Challenge 

Over the past two years, Applegate’s diverse range of products has steadily generated increased sales. For this campaign, Applegate was looking for a way to efficiently continue to acquire new buyers, bring back lapsed buyers, and defend loyal customers – all while driving cross-category purchases across their entire portfolio.

• Increase customer acquisition  
• Boost customer loyalty  
• Lift sales and dollars spent per customer  
• Improve campaign efficiency

To boost sales, Applegate would need to find a creative way to reach and engage these customers. 

The Solution 

By partnering with Cadent and Catalina, Applegate was able to implement a targeted and cost-effective CTV campaign.  

The Plan 

Together, Cadent and Catalina developed a sequential messaging strategy to deliver household-level targeted CTV ads to 4.2MM existing and new shoppers. By monitoring consumption and purchase behavior in real time, they were able to activate a responsive marketing approach to promotions.  

Shoppers who were exposed to 3 CTV ads but did not make a purchase received an in-store offer to try the new Applegate product. On the other hand, shoppers who were exposed to the ads but did make a purchase did not receive the initial offer and were instead delivered a promotion to try other products, with the aim of expanding these customers’ share of wallet.  

The Results 

Through CTV ad impressions and in-store sequential offers, the campaign generated a significant return on ad spend (ROAS) and sales lift, as well as providing Applegate with powerful buyer insights.  

By The Numbers
• $2.13 Incremental ROAS 
• 24.9% Sales Lift42% Increase in Dollars Spent Per Transaction$250,000 in Savings through Targeted Promotions

This strategic activation drove a 24.9% lift in sales and a 42% increase in dollars spent by customers per shopping trip. The campaign also resulted in an impressive $250k in promotional savings.   

Recently, the campaign earned the 2022 AdExchanger Award for Best Data-Driven TV Campaign. 

Next Steps 

Want to learn more about how Cadent and Catalina partnered for Applegate’s CTV and responsive marketing campaign?