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0ptimus Analytics and Cadent Partner to Integrate On-Demand Data Creation and Audience Modeling Into Advanced TV Platform

NEW YORKAug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cadent, the advanced TV platform company, today announced a partnership with 0ptimus Analytics, the data science and technology company, allowing TV advertisers to activate against custom audience segments faster and more efficiently and get real-time insights into how campaigns are performing.

Real-time optimization of data segments is paramount to success for marketers, allowing them to better connect with their most engaged audiences, take advantage of the creative that resonates most and better orchestrate their cross-screen investments. Because 0ptimus’s on-demand data creation and audience modeling technology allows segments to be built or updated within a matter of hours in response to real-world triggers, marketers have more choice and fluidity with their campaigns, and can adapt in real time to today’s constantly changing environment. 0ptimus transforms on-demand insights on consumer behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, activism, causes, trends, current events and more from its verified opt-in panel into scaled bespoke audiences for activation in a matter of minutes.

The scale and accuracy are made possible through an integration between Cadent’s advanced TV platform and 0ptimus Analytics’ verified matched sample data creation. The integration connects Cadent’s Viewer Intelligence Graph directly to 0ptimus’ on-demand predictive modeling and audience scaling platform. Together, the systems enable brands to convert opt-in consumer data into modeled and scaled audiences with unparalleled flexibility, speed, precision and agility.

0ptimus’s portfolio of pre-built bespoke consumer data segments are available through Cadent Advanced TV Platform. Cadent and 0ptimus are powered by cookieless, CCPA and GDPR-compliant technology.

“With this partnership, Cadent and 0ptimus aim to simplify and clarify identity for television advertisers,” said Tim Jenkins, EVP, Head of Audience & Identity Solutions, Cadent. “Cadent’s Platform and 0ptimus’s data creation and modeling technology provide advertisers with unmatched speed and accuracy to target their relevant audiences across TV screens.”

“Advertisers today require hyper-responsive technology and the ability to optimize campaigns on the fly,” said Katie Casavant, President of 0ptimus Analytics. “We’re thrilled to partner with Cadent and respond to the industry’s clear need for speed and more sophisticated, accurate audience targeting capabilities.”

About Cadent:

Cadent powers the evolution of TV advertising. We provide marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. By connecting brands with national TV audiences across cable, broadcast, CTV and OTT, Cadent’s technology improves efficiencies and boosts the results of linear, addressable, and cross-screen campaigns. In the US, Cadent’s national platform provides access to 100 million households. For more information, visit www.cadent.tv or follow @CadentTV.

About 0ptimus Analytics:

0ptimus Analytics is a data science and technology company singularly focused on transforming data-driven insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and people-based audiences for activation at scale. Since its founding in 2013, 0ptimus has been at the forefront of innovation developing connected data approaches to leveraging market research and insight, data science, predictive analytics and proprietary software platform solutions to identify the right people and the right messages to drive brand growth. For more information, please visit www.0ptimus.com.

Congrats to Cadent’s Rachel Hudson, a Cynopsis Top Woman in Media

Rachel Hudson, SVP, Pricing & Inventory, Network Operations, Cadent

We are excited to share that Rachel Hudson, SVP, Pricing & Inventory, Network Operations, Cadent, was named an Industry Leader on the Cynopsis Top Women in Media list.

This honor is given to women who have contributed to every area of the media industry and who are integral to moving their businesses forward and bringing fresh innovation to the field. Rachel, who has been with Cadent in its different iterations for nearly 14 years, leads pricing and inventory strategies and partnerships across cable, addressable, and digital channels as well as cable operations out of our Philadelphia office, though her work and influence stretch far beyond those groups. 

Below is a conversation between Rachel and VP-Operations Patricia Van Nostrand, who received the Cynopsis honor last year.

Patricia: What has it been like transitioning to different roles within Cadent?

Rachel: I’m often asked, “How long have you been at Cadent” with a quick follow up question, “why?” I’ve been here 14 years, but it doesn’t feel like it because I’ve had many different roles. 

When I started, the company wasn’t even named Cadent. I started in Sales and then moved into Operations and then Pricing and Planning. Each role has been valuable to me because it gave me an understanding of how Cadent works and how we are unique in the marketplace. Knowing how we do what we do from different perspectives  is helpful in being able to deliver for our clients and partners. I’ve been able to learn various aspects from multiple perspectives and bring them together.

Patricia: What do you do to motivate those around you?

Rachel: Of course I focus on business success, but more importantly to me, it’s about people. The people that work for me, that I work with, and that I work for. It’s about getting to know them and learning what they get excited about and what motivates them, learning their strengths and helping them build on those strengths. 

Something that I ask as many people as I possibly can, both outside of my group and specifically within my group is: “what are your personal goals and what are your professional goals?” My job as a manager is to align those as best I can. It’s imperative to me to learn that about people so I can help them grow and develop, and to also direct and facilitate that personal growth into success for the business.

Patricia: What is something that you make sure you’re not doing as a leader?

Rachel: I’ve learned to have trust and faith in people – to trust that they know what they’re doing, that they have the skills and that we will work through whatever comes up  together. 

I don’t believe in telling someone every step they need to do. I truly believe that we all come in wanting to do the right things, and that we should appreciate and recognize that. It’s about embracing the mistakes, learning from them and having that conversation about how we can create something – an approach, a process, the work, etc. – better so that we are all better for it.

Patricia: What are some of your sentiments around your success and the team that you have?

Rachel: My success is a testament to my team. I am successful when they are. That’s where I go back to what I described about establishing those connections, building those relationships and really getting to know people. 

Certainly I wouldn’t have been recognized if it weren’t for my team, for all of the great work that they do, the relationships that we have and communication. My team is fantastic. 

Patricia: What’s your next challenge, both personally or professionally?

Rachel:Personally, I have two young boys and an incredible husband, I want to continue to be the best parent, wife and role model for them. I would also like to continue my education. 

Professionally, I would like to have a greater focus on mentoring and supporting others. As Cadent continues to grow, I would like to continue to foster the personal growth of our employees. I loved spending time with some of our interns this summer.

Patricia: Your thoughtfulness is something I admire, along with your perseverance, resilience and strength. I think demonstrating those qualities in our workplace inspires our coworkers, especially the young women we work with.

Rachel: When we first met, we knew of each other and I knew you were someone that I not only wanted to get to know better and work with, but I also had that feeling that you and I were going to be friends too, because having a personal connection with the people you work with makes the great days greater and the not-so-great days not that bad. How many times have we worked through the frustrations with a shrug and a laugh?

It is important that we as leaders be the example in all situations. No matter your role, we all have something to learn from each other. And having fun while we are doing it makes it that much better. 

Patricia: Funny that you bring that up. Keep going.

Rachel: The work that we’ve done together is incredible. It’s been so much fun. To see that you were recognized last year, the immense excitement and pride I had in knowing you still overcomes me today. To be there when you were recognized was just amazing. It’s serendipitous, here we are a year later having this conversation. 

Patricia: Absolutely. I think one of the things that you touched upon was trust. Those around you see that they can trust you, that you’re knowledgeable in the space, you’re a go-to to find clarity. If anybody knows, Rachel will know the answer. 

It’s certainly been a pleasure for me to see that you’ve been recognized as well for all of your efforts.

Rachel: Thank you. We work with a great group at Cadent, and I’m looking forward to more incredible work together. 

Learn more about working at Cadent.

The Case for TV as an Alternative to Social Media Marketing

In the current advertising landscape, brands have a lot to contend with when considering how they position themselves. Companies are treading lightly to avoid sounding tone-deaf or insensitive. Take the Facebook boycott, for instance. As misinformation spread on the platform, an ultimatum was issued: Facebook needs to change its rules, or brands would pull their ads from the platform.

Advertisers are concerned about messages potentially damaging to their brand image and relationships with customers. If an ad appears next to a post that is spreading something hateful, consumers could associate one message with another. As the list of companies pulling ads grow, the question that begs to be asked is, how can brands continue to maintain and grow their business without advertising on the largest social media walled garden?

The pandemic has brought a change to the landscape of TV marketing, and a recent CMO survey from Deloitte, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and the AMA outline that consumers are becoming more receptive of companies promoting social good. Consumers prioritize trusted relationships with brands and will reward brands who are actively participating in social activism and outreach. Brands who utilize their broad platforms to spread accurate information and invest in social change appeal to consumers who see brand relationships as an extension of themselves instead of a business transaction.

Many aspects of life have shifted as well, with shutdowns forcing nearly 158 million Americans home, and people are turning on their TVs to stay up to date on the news and curb boredom. Three-fourths of U.S. consumers have upgraded streaming subscriptions and TV-connected devices, according to Nielsen, to stay connected to the press while at home. As attention to TV grows and changes in the marketing landscape occur, brands are beginning to improvise and are now turning back to TV advertising to fulfill their needs for a national reach and reconnect with their audiences.

Turning Toward TV

Focusing ad dollars on TV is making a lot of sense to advertisers. It’s “the ultimate brand-safe medium,” writes TV [R] EV’s Alan Wolk. Advertisers can avoid channels with polarizing shows and make use of high engagement as their audiences watch at home. And with TV advertising’s sophisticated targeting abilities today, advertisers can speak to their audiences at the device-level.

TV also has the power to create an emotional connection with consumers in a way that social media ads cannot. A campaign’s sight and sounds are easier to remember than a desktop ad that is thrown in with several other ads on the same web page. Neuroscience studies show that we use the same part of our brain to process music and our emotions and memories. TV ads are memorable because their music drives the action of the ad matched with compelling visuals, which create a more impactful storyline. Audiences give TV ads more focus because only one ad runs at a time, and with the proper audience segmentation, that demographic will be more engaged.

Reacting decisively is vital for brands as consumers scrutinize companies’ actions during the pandemic; the Facebook boycott being one example. Utilizing the broad reach of TV, brands can create thoughtful campaigns that highlight the transparency of company actions. Furthermore, the TV medium continues to rate as the most effective form of catching consumers’ attention. According to research by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, consumers are three times more likely to respond to TV advertising than messages delivered through other mediums.

Social media advertising is the new kid on the block. Still, TV advertising has legacy and prestige that appeal to consumers in a way that native advertising has yet to achieve. Paying for a Superbowl ad is more impressive because those ads deliver greater ROI and increase brand recall. The TV medium is safer for brands, more memorable for consumers, and has evolved to be more advanced for advertisers. Facebook ads are convenient to click on and can yield a temporary increase in traffic, but an effective TV campaign will be remembered for decades.

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