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This Week in TV News: TikTok Users and Jif’s GIF Peanut Butter

This week we’re talking about presidential campaign ad spend insights, explosive TikTok user growth and the news medium U.S. consumers trust most.

Jif takes on the pronunciation of GIF. The peanut butter brand released a special jar in partnership with GIF site Giphy. Created with Publicis’ PSOne agency in New York, the word GIF got the Jif logo treatment in an effort to spread awareness that GIF is actually pronounced with a hard G, setting it apart from the peanut butter brand pronunciation. (Adweek)

Presidential advertising spend, explained. Ad Age writer Simon Dumenco sums up nine insights into the presidential campaign advertising competition. Bloomberg is in a league of his own, and if he were to be added to the Ad Age Leading National Advertisers ranking, Dumenco says, “he’d land at No. 118—above Heineken, Kraft Heinz Co. and Hershey Co.” Dumenco also suspects Bernie is faring well on Reddit, which has 430 million active users and hasn’t shared political ad spending yet. (Ad Age)

TikTok users quickly growing in the U.S. After growing 97.5% in 2019, TikTok’s user base will grow 21.9% to 45.4 million by the end of this year, eMarketer says. eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson said some users, primarily young people, are spending multiple hours on the app, but it hasn’t caught on with older people yet. (Adweek)

Local broadcast TV is the most trusted news source in U.S. According to a study from GfK and TVB, 75% of adults 18 and older agree that local broadcast is the medium they trust most for new info, compared to local TV news websites/apps (64%), radio (68%), cable TV (56%) and social media (25%). Another key finding: consumers spend more time with TV than any other ad-supported media platforms. (Press release)

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This Week in TV News: A Moldy Whopper and the Brands Gen Z Likes Best

This week we’re talking about the brands that Gen Z and millennials love the most; Mike Bloomberg’s TV advertising efforts; and Burger King’s moldy Whopper ad.

Democratic political ad spend. The former New York City mayor and current candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Mike Bloomberg, is outspending all the other Democratic candidates combined on both TV and digital media. Bloomberg is also using advertising formats that other candidates aren’t, including influencer advertising. Generally, political candidates lean on digital advertising less than TV and other tried-and-true ad formats, with Google and Facebook will account for almost 78% of the total spend, compared to about 61% for the general market, eMarketer predicts. eMarketer also forecasts that the total U.S. political ad spend for 2019 and 2020 combined will be $6.9 billion, up 63% from the previous presidential cycle. (AdExchanger)

Burger King ad demonstrates what preservative-free food looks like. And it’s another viral hit. “The Moldy Whopper” campaign, which includes a time lapse video of a burger growing green-gray mold for a month, is the latest effort led by Fernando Machado, Restaurant Brands International’s global chief marketing officer. Machado told USA Today that instead of showing the burger in “the classic flawless and often too perfect photographic style typically used in fast food advertising,” they wanted to “showcase something real, honest and that only Burger King could do.” (Ad Age)

The brands Gen Z and millennials like most. Which brands do young people care about the most? Agency MBLM took a close look in a new report on brand intimacy, defined as the relationship between people and a brand that “transcends purchase, usage and loyalty,” according to Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM. When it comes to video game consoles, Gen Z prefers Xbox, and millennials are partial to Playstation. Gen Z is all about Sephora, H&M, Spotify, Venmo and Louis Vuitton, according to the report, and millennials are into Nintendo, Amazon, Ford, Jeep, Apple, Target, YouTube and Xbox. (Adweek

The Democratic debate crushes ratings record. About 20 million people tuned into the debate Wednesday night, setting a new record for Democratic primary debate viewership, according to Nielsen Media Research. The second-most watched Democratic primary debate was in June 2019, when about 18.1 million viewers watched night two of a debate series on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo. The next debate will air February 25 on CBS. (CNN Business)

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This Week in TV News: The Oscars Viewership and Sprite Ginger

This week we’re talking about the IAB’s new project in response to Google’s news that it would end third-party cookies; who tuned in to watch the Oscars; and the rising number of people who stream their TV.

The IAB Introduces Project Rearc. At the IAB Annual Meeting, the organization introduced Project Rearc, which will “bring together IAB, IAB Tech Lab, governmental, and other industry/consumer organizations with the goal of creating standards of behavior, codes of conduct, legal agreements, and enabling technologies to address consumer demands for personalization, and privacy.” The group is being formed in response to Google’s announcement that third-party cookies are ending. (AdExchanger

The streaming age. A fifth of the time consumers spent watching TV in OTT-capable homes in the fourth quarter of 2019 was spent on streaming, whether it was ad-supported or paid subscription services, according to a new report from Nielsen. (CNBC)

Oscars viewership hits record low. Last Sunday, the Oscars drew 23.6 million total viewers and a 5.3 rating in the adults 18-49 demo, a 20% decrease in total viewers and a 31% demo drop from last year’s ceremony, according to Nielsen. The awards show didn’t have a host this year, its second year of going MC-less. (Adweek)

Sprite’s new flavor. Coca-Cola launched a new flavor of Sprite with a ginger flavor combined with its familiar lemon-lime flavor. It’s one of 20 product launches from Coca-Cola in 2020. There’s a new TV ad from Wieden & Kennedy New York and fashion designer Jeff Staple has created a new fashion line, “Sprite Ginger Collection,” for the soda.

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John Tigg Joins Cadent as VP and Managing Director of EMEA

John Tigg, VP and Managing Director of EMEA, Cadent

Cadent is excited to share that European ad tech executive John Tigg will join Cadent as VP and Managing Director of EMEA. John will report to Keith Kryszczun, SVP of Global Platform Sales.

In his new role, John will lead sales and business development in EMEA, including managing all revenue streams across the region and working closely with the Cadent executive team. John will be based in London.

Previously, John served as Executive Director of TiggSystems, a specialist technology consultancy he founded focused on the addressable and programmatic television advertising ecosystem. Over the course of his 15 year career in the media industry, John has held a number of leadership roles, including most recently serving as SVP of Enterprise and Media Solutions, EMEA at Videology, and prior to that, as Head of Emerging Platforms at Yahoo! UK and Ireland.

For questions, reach out to [email protected]

This Week in TV News: Top Super Bowl Ads and Planters’ Baby Nut

This week we’re talking about a Valentine’s Day parody site, Planters’ Baby Nut campaign and the latest in streaming news, including Disney+’s subscriber count.

The best spots from the Big Game. Super Bowl LIV drew about 100 million viewers, up from last year. Ad Age reviewed all the ads from the game, which you can watch here, concluding that “there was an exhausting number of movie flashbacks, remakes and references.” Nostalgia is a powerful thing. MC Hammer, Winona Ryder and Molly Ringwald all made appearances in ads. Adweek writes that Amazon’s “#BeforeAlexa,” Google’s “Loretta” and Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” are the three best spots of the night. “Groundhog Day,” which took Adweeks No. 1 spot, is a revival of the 90s movie. Read the story behind the spot here

A Valentine’s Day parody site goes viral. Conceptual artist and director Ani Acopian and music producer and writer Suzy Shinn created a pop-up site featuring dating profiles in Amazon’s UI. You can scan a page of headshots and click on one to find more information (J, 29, “have never lost their AirPod Pros”) and cryptic reviews (“The product is like new and I have had no issues with it. Glad I was able to save a few bucks and still get a quality product. Thanks!”). Since the parody launched, the site has gotten over 10,000 applications by people wanting to be featured on it. (Fast Company)

A Close-Up of Planters’ Baby Nut. After killing off the beloved monocled character in its Super Bowl spot, Planters brought us Baby Nut, an infant version of Mr. Peanut. Planters’ brand manager said inspiration came from Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, who demonstrated “this renewed appreciation for these fictional characters after their death.” Read more about the campaign’s success on Adweek

The latest in streaming news. Disney+ launched in November and already has 26.5 million subscribers, the company said during its earnings call on Tuesday. HBO Max, launching in May, is also launching a label with Warner Bros. to make movies for the streaming service. Mobile streaming service Quibi will launch April 6 with content featuring Will Forte, Kiefer Sutherland and Chance The Rapper. See ads for the shows premiering on the new service.

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Congrats to Cadent’s Angelica Rivera, a Cynopsis Rising Star

We are excited to share that Angelica Rivera, Senior Analyst, Platform Analytics, was named a Cynopsis Rising Star for her contributions building Cadent’s addressable analytics business, as well as the energy and enthusiasm she brings to taking on challenges and learning new skills.

This honor is given to outstanding innovators, hard workers and future leaders in all areas of the media industry.

Angelica Rivera, Senior Analyst, Platform Analytics

“Angelica made a major transition in the past year moving from Cadent’s operations team to an addressable analytics role. Addressable analytics is an exciting field to enter right now, but entering any emerging field comes with challenges and rapid changes. Angelica has proven she’s more than up to the task of keeping up, playing a key role in growing Cadent’s analytics business and finding opportunities to learn and grow her skillset in the process. Angelica has a warm personality and an infectious positive energy. She keeps an objective lens at all times, always while smiling and making work more enjoyable for the entire team.” – Rachel Herbstman, VP, Platform Analytics

Here’s a brief interview with Angelica on her approach to leadership, why curiosity is key and what comes next for her.

Why did you choose to move from an operations to an analytics role?
Being in operations, I was able to understand the components of managing a successful addressable campaign and naturally, I became more inquisitive about the key insights and what was driving the most meaningful results. How did different audience segments influence purchase intent? How can viewing environment affect sales lift? Did the creative messaging resonate with our target audience? I decided to become a part of the Analytics team because interpreting data and understanding its impact was challenging. I enjoyed being exposed to different methodologies and understanding different data cuts we can hone in on and how those relate to campaign performance. I’m inquisitive, and the role in Analytics was a perfect fit.

My passion for professional growth is fueled by my genuine interest about addressable data and understanding what drives results for our clients. My goal is to always find the key takeaways so we can optimize future campaigns. I attribute a lot of my success to my Cadent team. Although I didn’t have an analytics background, I wanted to diversify my career within the addressable media group at Cadent.

My goal is to always find the key takeaways so we can optimize future campaigns. I attribute a lot of my success to my Cadent team.

You’ve successfully recommended several new hires for Cadent. What makes you enthusiastic about working here?
I’ve worked at many places and formed friendships with colleagues along the way. If someone I know could be an asset to Cadent – whether it’s their work ethic, skillset or experience within the industry – I want them to be a part of this amazing and thriving organization. 

Cadent’s different groups are hyper-focused on driving results for our clients and making it easy for them to understand and interpret data. If my colleagues or referrals share the same drive and passion as I do, it encourages me to onboard great people to join our family at Cadent.

Describe your approach to working on a team.
I love to be part of a collaborative and proactive work environment. The common misconception about people in analytics is that we’re all introverted, and I want to change that. I’m someone who will speak up in a room full of people. If I’m confused, and others are too intimidated to ask a “silly” question, I’ll be the one to ask the question if it means my team and I will understand the concept better. 

I’m someone who will speak up in a room full of people. If I’m confused, and others are too intimidated to ask a “silly” question, I’ll be the one to ask the question if it means my team and I will understand the concept better. 

What’s your approach to leadership?
Being a leader is about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of those around you and empowering them to learn and continue to evolve. I always encourage communication around what’s working successfully and where we see an opportunity to improve. Being a leader is about offering continuous support, giving confidence and uplifting those around you. 

Leadership is also about being articulate and communicating with clarity. Leaders who are approachable and take time to share information create a great culture and promote growth. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some amazing leaders and mentors at Cadent.

One thing that sticks out about you is your positivity and enthusiasm in the workplace.
Energy is contagious. Working alongside people who bring positivity every morning, even when we work in such a high paced environment is key. Self-awareness is a powerful skill to possess. Those who approach challenging situations with a mile make a vital difference in resolving issues. It allows others to think clearly and logically. It’s important to surround myself with people who have the same approach in addressing issues head on.

What’s next for you?
I’m still honing in on my current goal of being able to present data insights to clients, making it digestible for all parties. Coding is another skillset that has piqued my interest. Taking on new skills has been important in proving to myself that I’m adaptable and flexible and can learn on the fly. My goal is to keep seeking out new skills and concepts to bring to my team and continue making valuable improvements to our current reporting workflow. This unique skillset will help elevate my career to the next level and provide me with a new challenge I know I can excel in.

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