(VIDEO) IBM Machine Learning Launch Event

2/15/17 Click here top watch the videos: Calling all IT executives, data scientists, Chief Data Officers, data architects and other data geeks Be the first to learn about our breakthrough developments on machine learning, Spark, data and analytics Join us to hear how you can effectively leverage IBM Machine Learning to drive better business […] Read more

Feb, 15, 2017


(VIDEO) Data No Longer In The Rear-View Mirror: Cadent’s Mitchko

1/26/17 Author: Andy Plesser, Beet TV LAS VEGAS — Time was, data was the oil that powered backward-looking reports examining the effectiveness of already-executed campaigns. But that’s all changing now, as new technology allows ad-tech platforms to show live data and let clients respond by tweaking campaigns mid-flight. That’s according to one ad-tech exec whose […] Read more

Jan, 26, 2017


(VIDEO) One Day Immersion 2016: Women You Should Know: Super Women In Tech

1/23/17 Author: Dolly Wolf Enterprises Join an all-star female cast of media rockstars as they discuss how to navigate an ever-changing, male dominated industry. To view this video please see:

Jan, 23, 2017


How Addressable TV Has Evolved, And Where It Will Go In 2017

1/3/17 Author: Kelly Liyakasa, AdExchanger Addressable TV significantly expanded in 2016, both in terms of ad spend and the total size of the addressable market. In 2015, addressable TV ad spend reached $400 million in the US and grew to $890 million in 2016, according to eMarketer. That’s quadruple the spend flowing into the marketplace […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2017


(VIDEO) Cadent’s Troiano: Let’s Talk Less About Automation, More About Value

12/14/16 Author: Andy Plesser, Huffington Post MIAMI – Trying to “retrofit” television into digital is harmful because it devalues advertising inventory, according to the CEO of Cadent. Since the company’s rebranding a few years ago from TelAmerica, focusing on value along with direct-selling has helped to upend its customer base from overwhelmingly direct-response TV advertisers […] Read more

Dec, 14, 2016


Applying digital terms to television devalues advertising inventory, Troiano says

12/12/16 Author: Laurie Fullerton, The Drum Trying to “retrofit” television into digital is harmful because it devalues advertising inventory, according to Nick Troiano, CEO of Cadent. “We in this space do a disservice to ourselves when we try to apply digital to television. We should come up with our own definition and terms and not […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2016


(VIDEO) Future TV Advertising Forum London: The Evolution of Precision TV Panel

12/09/16 Author: Videonet News Panel at Future TV Advertising Forum 2016 with the following speakers: Chair: Keith Kryszczun, SVP Global Sales, Cadent Technology Brian Golbere, General Manager, Emerging Technology, IPONWEB Laurence Miall-d’Aout, VP Advanced Advertising, Liberty Global Xavier Denis, Director, Television Advertising Solutions, Multi-Screen Infrastructure, ARRIS Stuart Garvie, President, Bell Media Sales Michael Bologna, President, […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2016


DTC Advertising: Finding the Right Prescription

12/05/16 Direct to Consumer (DTC) pharma advertising has its advocates and its detractors. Some believe that it puts valuable medical information in the hands of consumers while others believe that it has a controversial underside, doing less to protect patients and more to spur sales. For planners in the DTC advertising space, a data-driven approach […] Read more

Dec, 05, 2016


Toymakers are looking for cheaper TV advertising

11/13/16 Author: Claire Atkinson, NY Post It’s that time of year when TV channels are flooded with ads for kids’ toys, but toymakers are looking for a less expensive way to preserve their margins by seeking out cheaper TV advertising. Lee Equity Partners-backed Cadent Network has been selling itself hard as a cheaper way to […] Read more

Nov, 13, 2016


(VIDEO) BlackArrow And Cadent Pairing Yields Consistent, Comprehensive Cross-Platform Reach

10/24/16 Author: Andy Plesser, Huffington Post Simplicity, transparency and scale aren’t natural bedfellows in a world of multi-platform television viewing and audience fragmentation. Corralling all three to benefit advertisers and pay TV providers was the strategy behind last year’s joining of BlackArrow and Cadent under the Cross MediaWorks umbrella. Some 14 months later, BlackArrow and […] Read more

Oct, 24, 2016


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