Unlocking the Potential of Subscriber Data

Unlocking the Potential of Subscriber Data
by Les Carter, vice president/chief architect, BlackArrow
Project Description

As television viewing has evolved from scheduled viewing to an “anywhere, anytime” paradigm, the $202 billion global TV advertising market has begun a similar transformation. Advertisers’ and marketers’ needs to reach the right audiences with the right messages in increasingly fragmented and under-measured environments are driving pay-TV providers to deploy addressable advertising capabilities.
Emerging technology and standards – in particular, the Subscriber Information Service (SIS) and SCTE-130 / ITU-T Recommendation J.380 standards – provide a structure for the use of subscriber data in advertising services. Pay-TV providers that deploy an SIS stand to gain critical business advantages: increased ad revenue by offering the right audience segments to advertisers; higher ARPU via more effective marketing and upsell campaigns; more effective sales and marketing operations via real-time views of audience segments and sizes; and better business intelligence via the ability to merge audience data into reporting data.