TV Connect: Joint presentation with Virgin Media

TV Connect: Joint presentation with Virgin Media
04/28/2015 – 04/30/2015

Day 2: Monetise track

Next Generation Advertising

Assessing the Changing Advertising Strategy of Telcos and Pay TV Operators
15:10 DAI and Addressability: Revolutionizing the TV Industry

• Leveraging DAI in the market today

• The power behind on-demand audiences and how DAI helps the industry adapt to the new consumer

• Key use cases and how to broadcasters, studios, advertisers | agencies and customers benefit

• The technical | business challenges and opportunities of deploying a multiscreen, data enabled advertising solution

• What’s next for the market: Bringing audience data into the mix and the power of addressable advertising

Lynette Turnbull, Head of Digital Entertainment Product Management, Virgin Media

Nick Troiano: CEO, BlackArrow

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