The New Frontier of TV and Its Many Challenges

The New Frontier of TV and Its Many Challenges
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At Advertising Week, our president Nick Troiano, had the honor of participating in a panel with several of BlackArrow’s Advisory Board members, David Poltrack (CBS), Marcien Jenckes (Comcast), Marc Krok (AMC) and Mike Bologna (GroupM). Moderated by Janine Poggi of AdAge, the panel addressed some of the massive opportunities and the remaining challenges that are still present to advertising in the new time-shifted, multiplatform viewing environments. The link to the full video is below, but some highlights from the panel were:

Consumer viewing habits are changing in some ways and staying the same in others.

Binge viewing of shows is changing the landscape of TV advertising. Comcast alone does half a billion on-demand streams every month yet over 90% of video that is consumed today still happens on the TV set.

VOD holds huge advertising potential.

With VOD content libraries rapidly growing (CBS has increased their primetime shows available from 13 to 21 this year) and addressable advertising now readily accessible with the major service providers, VOD is looking prime for advertising. VOD audiences are younger (30% are 18-34), they have larger households, they have better high speed internet and they are upscale ($100K+), all of which appeal to marketers.

Measurement and analytics have made a lot of progress, but can still be improved.

The panelists agreed that they are now receiving the data that will enable them to better target their advertising to the right audiences, but measurement still needs to be improved. CBS’s Under the Dome is an example of recent developments in data measurement, where they not only measured and tracked the effectiveness of every ad that ran over the course of the show (both in primetime and in VOD), but also any products those ads were selling. The results of this data collection will be available at the end of October.

Monetization of the next generation of TV advertising depends on the collaboration of all the industry players.

The panel members differed in their belief of which industry players should control the way that on-demand inventory is bought and sold. However, all panelists agreed that success will be achieved through a collaborative effort between the agencies, networks, service providers and technology vendors.

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DateOctober 8, 2013